Esteban Erazo Gonzalez

Microsoft Technologies Developer

Innovative and resourceful in moving projects from concept to completion.

Broad and diversified experience in the software development industry with strong emphasis on Web Development and Database Administration. Experience leading and working in teams, as a bridge between all software development activities, integrating them in a timely fashion and to a high standard.

  • Web Applications (Asp.NET & MVC)
  • Web Services (WCF & Web API)
  • Winforms, WPF & Win 8 Metro
  • Javascript, Jquery, HTML5, CSS


Technologist in Systems Administration


Bachelor Of Information Technology


Move to NZ


Diploma in Management


 .Net Software Developer
 Car Parking Technologies (CPT)

Developing applications for Microsoft platforms including Server, Desktop and mobile devices, and assist in creating software architectures using object oriented techniques.

  •  WCF & Web API Services
  •  MVC 3 & 4 Websites
  •  Mobile Applications using Windows Mobile CE
  •  SQL Server, SQL CE & MySQL
03/12 - Now
 Software Engineer
 Outpost Central Ltd

Development and support of software running on outpost central embedded systems and website.

  •  MVC2, MVC3 websites using C#
  •  ASP.Net websites using VB.NET
  •  WPF Device test application
  •  SQL Server
  •  SQL Server SSIS
03/10 - 03/12
 Software Engineer
 Paradigma Ltda.

As well as working as a software engineer, I managed projects. As part of the process, I obtained the client’s requirements, analyzed these and designed and implemented a solution. I tested and documented these projects.

  •  ASP.Net websites
  •  Winforms applications
  •  SQL Server
10/08 - 07/09
 Software Engineer
 Cargraphics S.A.

I obtained my company’s requirements, analyzed these and designed the databases. In addition, I developed and implemented the final user interface, including Windows and web components.

  •  ASP.Net websites
  •  SQL Server
02/08 - 10/08
 Software Engineer

I led a team through all software development process. In addition, I developed some modules of the application, including databases, web services and web interfaces, finally, coordinating the testing plan.

  •  ASP.Net websites
  •  WCF Services
  •  Windows Services
  •  SQL Server
09/07 - 02/08
 IT Professional
 Supercable Colombia

I implemented and managed databases. I designed and developed user web interfaces, following requirements obtained by the project leader.

  •  ASP.Net websites
  •  SQL Server
04/07 - 09/08
 IT Engineer

I installed and maintained web and databases servers. In addition, I managed and improved existing applications, integrating new user’s requirements and supporting and solving any issue.

  •  ASP.Net websites
  •  SQL Server
  •  Windows Server Administration
11/06 - 04/07
 Software Engineer
 Spin Evolution

As part of the process, I obtained the client’s requirements, analyzed these and designed and implemented a solution. I developed all web user interfaces, implemented databases and developed Windows services.

  •  ASP.Net websites
  •  SQL Server Administration
  •  SQL Server DTS
  •  AS400 Integration
12/05 - 11/06

 Bachelor of Information Technology
 Universidad Politecnico GranColombiano

 Technologist in Systems Administration
 Universidad Politecnico GranColombiano

 Diploma in Management
 New Zealand Institute of Management

 Microsoft Certified Courses

  •  Course 2544A: Advanced Web Application Technologies
  •  Course 2543B: Core Web Application Technologies
  •  Course 2542A: Advanced Data Access
  •  Course 2541B: Core Data Access
  •  Course 70.536: Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 - Application Development Foundation
 3D Studio Max Certified Courses
 Nasca Digital

  •  3D Animation and Visual Effects
  •  Advanced Organic Modeling
  •  Advanced Material, Hair and Fur
  •  Character Rigging
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The three things that are most essential to achievement are common sense, hard work and stick-to-it-iv-ness.....

- Thomas Edison


Want to talk to me? Please contact me using any of the following options

  •  +642102472088
  •  Auckland, NZ
  •  @estebanerazo